"Life Lessons......." Framed Sign - Gray/White/Black

Thinking about your mom this Mother's Day? Then, this wood framed sign is exactly what you need!  Displaying a message saying,
"Life Lessons Taught By Mom,
My Mom Taught Me Faith,
You'd Better Pray That Will Come Out Of The Carpet,
My Mother Taught Me Time Travel,
If You Don't Straighten Up, I'm Going To Knock You Into The Middle Of Next Week,
My Mother Taught Me Irony
Keep Crying And I'll Give You Something To Cry About,
My Mother Taught Me To Be Flexible,
Will You Look At That Dirt On The Back Of Your Neck?,
My Mother Taught Me About Nature,
This Room Of Yours Looks As If A Tornado Went Through It,
My Mother Taught Me Gratitude,
There Are MIllions Of Children Who Don't Have Wonderful Parents Like You Do,
My Mother Taught Me Patience,
Just Wait Until We Get Home,
My Mother Taught Me Humor,
When That Lawn Mower Cuts Off Your Toes, Don't Come Running To Me,
My Mother Taught Me Wisdom,
When You Get To Be My Age, You'll Understand,
My Mother Taught Me About Justice,
One Day You'll Have Kids And I Hope They Turn Out Just Like You",

This 24" x 36" x 1.5" wood sign will surely give your mom a good laugh this Mother's Day. 

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